Thursday, 25 August 2016

Europe to Africa: Recap

IMFDF 2016

L’éloquente a eu la chance d’assister au Festival de la Mode Musulmane (IMFDF) à Toronto. L’événement, qui a eu lieux sur deux jours, a un programme avec des activités variées. Le samedi on a commencé par une après-midi à faire la fête à bord du Lady Yacht. Le dimanche on a assisté aux défilés de mode de stylistes talentueuses, écouté avec intérêt des workshops sur des sujets d’actualité tels que la mode éthique et responsable et bien évidemment on a fait un tour au Bazar.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Europe to africa: Week 1

After a few days trying to get some internet connection, I can finally share with you some pictures of the first week of my trip.

If you follow us on Instagram (@leloquente), you probably know that I am in Morocco at the moment! I traveled to France two weeks ago and to Morocco the day after I arrived. This trip of three days was such a great opportunity to see beautiful cities in France, Spain and Morocco. In shaa Allah, Loubna will also be traveling to Algeria in ten days and she will be sharing with you all of her trip! Every week, we will try to post a photo diary of our travels so you can see our crazy experiences and how beautiful our native countries are. xx

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Flower pattern hijab from Al-Isra - Simple Hijab Tutorial

Salam ladies, 

we hope you're having a beautiful ramadan in shaa Allah.

Here's a very quick hijab tutorial on how to style a flower pattern hijab in a simple way for an everyday summer look!

This beautiful hijab is from Al-Isra.

Check out their Website, Facebook page and Instagram!